Kid Tricks

Kid Tricks

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Kid Tricks is a captivating 4-part video series for children teaches children core lessons that protect them from deception and those might harm them.

Dan Korem, investigative journalist and a world-class magician, explains each concept clearly with stories and sleight of hand tricks that demonstrate how they can be fooled. He also teaches them amazing tricks they can do.

Originally designed for use in a Sunday School curriculum, Kid Tricks has been seen by over 100 million kids in over 50 countries since its release in 1987. And the content is just as captivating and relevant as the day it was released. Incorporated in each lesson is a story from the Bible as well as a contemporary story.

Part #1: When a Trick Is Not a Trick
Lesson: When it is and isn't okay to use a deception. Ex.: Trick plays in a ballgame are OK, but not stealing. When does a trick cross the line and become a lie?

Part #2: Check It Out!
Lesson: How to know the difference between illusion and reality. Special emphasis on how news is produced and should be viewed with footage in a live newsroom.

Part #3: It's a Secret!
Lesson: There are good secrets (answers to a test that a teacher can't reveal) and there are bad secrets . . . one's that you never keep because "You are embarrassed or afraid." This life-saving lesson is explained with real-life examples from Detective Hughes. Excellent to deter those who might harm children.

Part #4: Tricks or Powers?
Lesson: Who has powers and who is faking it? Kids will see footage of real-life fakers and what makes them tick, in a safe, non-threatening presentation.

Little Known Fact About Dan Korem: Most people know Dan Korem as an investigative journalist and the pioneer of rapid-fire profiling. His first profession, though, was a professional sleight-of-hand magician, and his first show was when he was 9 years old. Through an unusual twist of events, he used his knowledge of deception (he had read over 10,000 books and manuscripts on sleight of hand magic, illusion and deception by the time he was 25) to solve complicated cases later when he became an investigative journalist.

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