If Only I Had Known

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Why School Rampages and Massacres?
Finally an Answer That Works . . .

If Only I Had Known is the riveting tale of the US school massacre that started the global trend and the life-saving solution that over 20,000 educators have used to stop attacks and threats. Thousands of education, law enforcement, and mental health professionals have quietly used this solution to stop countless attacks and threats since 1997.

"On October 1, 1997," writes author Dr. William Dodson, "when I was superintendent of Pearl Public Schools in Jackson, Mississippi, Luke Woodham, a sixteen-year-old sophomore, stabbed and bludgeoned his mother to death, then took a rifle to Pearl High School and shot nine students. Two died; seven were wounded. The act seemed to come out of the blue, with Luke Woodham randomly shooting anyone who moved. He did it in a safe and serene community. And he did it on my watch." 

For over ten years, Dodson searched for the answer to one question: What could we have done to prevent the attack? The former superintendent of Pearl Public Schools, he tells the unvarnished truth of what happened and the strategy he found that has stopped countless attacks. 

Unprecedented threats . . . 250+ times a day during the school year, students are found with bombs, guns, and plots to commit school attacks. Unique in world history, these rampages typically only occur in the safest communities: suburbs and small towns and not the inner-city.

WHY? . . . there are answers. . After numerous attacks, the FBI and Secret Service mistakenly concluded that it wasn't possible to identify these students before they strike or the communities where they will commit an attack. If they were right, Dodson says, "I wouldn't have written this book." The fact is there are answers to the why questions we've all had. Over 20,000 education, law enforcement, and mental health professionals have successfully stopped countless threats and attacks since 1997, using the Random Actor violence prevention strategies uncovered by investigative journalist and author Dan Korem.

Recommended for educators, mental health, law enforcement, parents, and the general public.

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