Profiling Practice Video

Profiling Practice Video

$ 59.95

Who Can Use It: Educators, counselors, juvenile officers, social workers and others who work with youth.

Purpose: Designed to help those who work with youth quickly identify a youth's specific traits to promote treating a youth right the first time. While originally produced as a follow-up tool for those who have attended the "Art of Profiling" workshop, most of the material is useful as a companion to the text.

Format: Dan Korem interviews 20 students. You then must identify their traits, as described in Dan Korem’s book, The Art of Profiling—Reading People Right the First Time. Each clip is then debriefed and important teaching points are reviewed.

Web Update: Be sure to consult the update page for additional insights on each of the above clips as they are posted. If you have a particular comment or observation, please Email it to us. This service is provided without additional cost, to enhance your learning experience.

Length: 2 Hrs. 15 min.

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