Psychic Confession

Psychic Confession

$ 24.95

Overview: This classic 1983 program, seen by over 100 million people worldwide, contains the only known on-camera confession of a cult-like leader who claimed to have powers. In 1981, James Hydrick, three years after the Jonestown Massacre, developed a cult-like following in Salt Lake City. He appeared on national television, fooling millions with his claims of psychic powers and alleged healing miracles. Investigative journalist, Dan Korem, not only exposed on camera how each of Hydrick's tricks worked, like moving objects without touching them, but his eighteen month investigation also resulted in obtaining the only known confession of a cult-like figure. After the broadcast of this special, cult-like groups with similar leaders disbanded.

Additionally, the Department of Health and Human Services purchased the program as it was the first documentary that traced the effects of child abuse through the eyes of an adult.

Los Angeles Times—It's an altogether fascinating study that transcends the somewhat exploitive subject matter.

Hollywood Reporter—It's a remarkable example of effective electronic investigative journalism.

Who can use this DVD: Anyone interested in how cults form and psychics and others who fake their miracles. Also, compelling confession shows the connection between severe trauma as a youth and aberrant group formation. Has been used in many universities and by law enforcement agencies.

Length: 48 min.

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