The Art of Profiling - Expanded 2nd Edition

The Art of Profiling - Expanded 2nd Edition

$ 39.95

Expanded 2nd Edition now available

Over 75 page more pages - includes expanded profiles, four new profiles, and many new tips and suggestions for applications.

More professionals have been trained to use the Korem Profiling System than any other rapid-fire, on-the-spot behavioral profiling system in the world—over 35,000. Answer four direct questions in your mind about someone and you obtain a profile that identifies how a person prefers to:

  • Communicate
  • Perform Tasks
  • Make Decisions

The profile also tells you how to successfully sell, present, confront, and interact with that person. Learn how to profile people with systematic accuracy that extends beyond just reading body language, while avoiding stereotyping - even if you can't speak someone's language.

If you would like to read excerpts of Chapter 1 & 2

A rare find . . . A masterful text.

From Foreword by James T. Reese, Ph.D, former member FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit

"The methods are sound. . . The applications and wisdom this book provides are unlimited. . . "

Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D., Internationally recognized authority on profiling, Emeritus Professor, Dept. Psychology U.C. Berkeley

[I] commanded the Kabul Multi-National Brigade in Kabul, Afghanistan. There were 22 different nations that provided troops to the brigade and interacted with their national and tactical commanders on a regular basis. I also dealt with Afghan authorities daily, including government officials(federal, provincial and municipal), military leadership, elders, religious leaders, nomads and more. Your book assisted me in preparing strategies for the many people I interacted with every day. The job of a leader is to influence people for mission success and your book assisted me in successfully accomplishing my mission. Thanks.

P.J. Devlin
Brigadier General

Hardbound; 335 pages; illustrated
ISBN: 0-9639103-9-4

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